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Generate KML (Biota/VegetationManagement)

    Vegetation management information(100)
      Vegetation management watercourse and drainage map(6)
        VM watercourse/drainage - 1:25 000(8)
        VM watercourse/drainage feature - 1:100 000 and 1:250 000(7)
      Vegetation management wetlands map(4)
      Essential habitat map(5)
      Regulated vegetation management map [RVM](101)
        RVM category A - vegetation offsets; compliance notices; VDecs(102)
        RVM category B - remnant vegetation(103)
        RVM category C - high-value regrowth vegetation(104)
        RVM category R - reef-regrowth watercourse vegetation(105)
        RVM category X - exempt clearing work on Freehold/Indigenous/Leasehold land(106)
        RVM water(107)
        RVM area not categorised(108)
        RVM - all(109)
      Vegetation management regional ecosystem map labels(110)
      Vegetation management regional ecosystem map(120)
        Category A or B area containing endangered(121)
        Category A or B area containing of concern(122)
        Category A or B area that is least concern(123)
        Category C or R area containing endangered(128)
        Category C or R area containing of concern(129)
        Category C or R area that is of least concern(130)
        Vegetation management regional ecosystem - all(134)
      Property map of assessable vegetation [PMAV](140)
        PMAV category A(141)
        PMAV category B(142)
        PMAV category C(143)
        PMAV category R(144)
        PMAV category X(145)
        PMAV - all(146)
      Pre-clear regional ecosystems(15)
      Vegetation management coastal and non-coastal bioregions and sub-regions map(16)
    Nature conservation information(200)
      Protected plants trigger map(201)
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