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Layer: Potential GDE aquifers (ID: 7)

Name: Potential GDE aquifers

Display Field: rule_name

Type: Feature Layer

Geometry Type: esriGeometryPolygon

Description: Potential groundwater dependent ecosystem (GDE) aquifer mapping identifies the extent and key characteristics of aquifers potentially supporting surface expression and terrestrial GDEs in the landscape. There may be other aquifers at lower depths that are not captured in this mapping (e.g. confined aquifers) that may support GDEs, particularly spring ecosystems. The potential aquifers captured in this mapping may also be subterranean aquifer GDEs. Potential GDE aquifers havebeen characterised according to a range of criteria including confinement, geology, porosity, groundwater flow system, salinity, pH, recharge process, temporal connectivity with ecosystems, etc.The potential GDE aquifer mapping consists of 1 data set which can be viewed independently or complementary to Queensland’s GDE mapping.Version 1.0 (released in July 2015) - mapping covers South East Queensland (SEQ), Lake Eyre Basin (LEB), Cooper Basin (CB), Galilee Basin (GB), and western Murray-Darling Basin (wMDB).Version 1.1 to 1.3 do not exist.Version 1.4 (released in December 2015) - mapping extended to include Surat Basin (SB) and southern Bowen Basin (sBB).Version 1.5 (released in March 2017) - mapping extended to include eastern Murray-Darling Basin (eMDB).Version 1.5.1 (released in May 2018) - mapping attribution revised to update hyperlinks to supporting material delivered via webpages.

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