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Generate KML (InlandWaters/GroundAndSurfaceWaterMonitoring)

    Groundwater bores(0)
      Registered water bores [RDMW and private](1)
      Groundwater monitoring(2)
        Current water level monitoring bores [RDMW] (3)
        Past water monitoring and investigation bores [RDMW] (4)
        Water monitoring bores with near real time data [RDMW](5)
        All mine monitoring water bores [RDMW and private](6)
        Mine monitoring water bores with water levels [RDMW and private](7)
        CSG monitoring water bores(8)
          Surat CMA underground water impact reporting monitoring bores [RDMW and private](9)
          CSG online monitoring bores [RDMW and private] (10)
          CSG net monitoring bores [Private] (11)
    Surface water monitoring(12)
      RDMW open gauging stations(13)
      RDMW closed gauging stations(14)
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