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Layer: Structural Framework by Age or Orogen (ID: 1)

Sub Layers: Name: Structural Framework by Age or Orogen

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Type: Group Layer

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Description: The Structural Framework of Queensland divided into its components by age and structural feature. The geological framework of Queensland is classified by structural or tectonic unit (provinces and basins) in which the rocks formed. These are referred to as basins (or in some cases troughs and depressions) where the original form and structure are still apparent. Provinces (and subprovinces) are generally older basins that have been strongly tectonised and/or metamorphosed so that the original basin extent and form are no longer preserved. Note that intrusive and some related volcanic rocks that overlap these provinces and basins have not been included in this classification. The map has been compiled using boundaries modified and generalised from the 1:2 000 000 Queensland Geology map (2012). Subsurface basins are also shown and these are based on data and published interpretations from petroleum exploration and geophysical surveys (seismic, gravity and magnetics).

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Copyright Text: © State of Queensland (Department of Natural Resources and Mines), 2016

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