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Generate KML (Farming/AgriculturalLandAudit)

      Agricultural land audit regions(1)
      Local government areas (2)
      50km from a population centre of gt 2000(3)
      State electoral boundaries(4)
      NRM region boundaries(5)
      Land parcel boundaries(6)
    Infrastructure and processing(7)
      Livestock processing(8)
      Cotton gins(9)
      Current sugar mills(10)
      Sugar cane rail(12)
      [Deprecated] Railways(13)
      Current saw mills - plantation timber(14)
      Current saw mills - native timber(15)
      Stock routes(16)
    Water planning and infrastructure(17)
      Sunwater channel irrigation schemes(18)
      Water plan boundaries(20)
      Drainage basins(21)
      Drainage basin sub areas(22)
      Great Artesian Basin water plan(23)
    Mining tenure(24)
      Exploration permit special(25)
      Exploration permit greenhouse gas(26)
      Exploration permit geothermal(27)
      Exploration permit coal(28)
      Exploration permit minerals(29)
      Exploration permit petroleum(30)
      Mineral development license(31)
      Geothermal lease(32)
      Greenhouse gas lease(33)
      Mining claim(34)
      Mining lease(35)
      Petroleum pipeline license(36)
      Petroleum lease(37)
      Petroleum facilities license(38)
      Petroleum survey license(39)
    Current agriculture(40)
      Current sheep feedlots(41)
      Current poultry farms(42)
      Current piggeries(43)
      Current cattle feedlots(44)
      Current land based aquaculture(45)
      Current broadacre cropping(46)
      Current annual horticulture(47)
      Current perennial horticulture(48)
      Current sugarcane areas(49)
      Current aquaculture(50)
      Current forestry plantations(51)
    State planning policy and regional interests(52)
      Important agricultural areas(53)
      Strategic Cropping Land trigger map(57)
      Priority Living Areas(54)
      Priority Agricultural Areas(55)
      Strategic Environmental Areas(56)
      Agricultural land class A and B(58)
      Agricultural land class A and B bdy - zoom in(59)
      State development areas(60)
    Potential agriculture(61)
      Potential broadacre cropping(62)
      Potential annual horticulture(63)
      Potential perennial horticulture(64)
      Potential sugarcane areas(65)
      Potential intensive livestock(66)
      Potential aquaculture(67)
    Other information layers(71)
      Protected areas(72)
      Nature refuges(73)
      Coordinated conservation areas(74)
      Vegetation Management Act Regulated vegetation(75)
      Protected plants flora survey trigger map (76)
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