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Layer: State planning policy and regional interests (ID: 52)

Sub Layers: Name: State planning policy and regional interests

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Type: Group Layer

Geometry Type: null

Description: This dataset is used to show areas that require protection for sustainable agriculture under the State Planning Policy (SPP).The local planning instrument is to appropriately integrate the state interest by: 1) protecting Agricultural Land Classification (ALC) Class A and Class B land for sustainable agricultural use by: avoiding fragmentation of ALC Class A or Class B land into lot sizes inconsistent with the current or potential use of the land for agriculture, and avoiding locating non-agricultural development on or adjacent to ALC Class A or Class B land, and maintaining or enhancing land condition and the biophysical resources underpinning ALC Class A or Class B land. 2) considering the strategic economic significance of important agricultural areas by promoting and optimising agricultural development opportunities and enabling increased agricultural production in these areas.

Service Item Id: b9860082f8674e10807fb4cf1eff0ef0

Copyright Text: Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (2017), Department of Natural Resources and Mines (2017)

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