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Layer: Current agriculture (ID: 40)

Sub Layers: Name: Current agriculture

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Type: Group Layer

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Description: This group layer shows land currently used for a range of agricultural land uses. This data for current horticulture, cropping and sugar is extracted from a complete state-wide digital land use map of Queensland. The dataset is a product of the Queensland Land Use Mapping Program (QLUMP) and was produced by the Queensland Government. It presents the most current mapping of land use features for Queensland, including the land use mapping products from 1999, 2006 and 2009, in a single feature layer. This dataset was last updated July 2012. The dataset comprises an ESRI vector geodatabase at a nominal scale of 1:50,000 in coastal regions and 1:100 000 in Western Queensland. The layer is a polygon dataset with each class having attributes describing land use. Land use is classified according to the Australian Land Use and Management Classification (ALUMC) Version 7, May 2010. Five primary classes are identified in order of increasing levels of intervention or potential impact on the natural landscape. Water is included separately as a sixth primary class. Under the three-level hierarchical structure, the minimum attribution level for land use mapping in Queensland is secondary land use. Primary and secondary levels relate to land use (i.e. the principal use of the land in terms of the objectives of the land manager). The tertiary level includes data on commodities or vegetation, (e.g. crops such as cereals and oil seeds). Where required* and possible, attribution is performed to tertiary level. * QLUMP maps the land use classes of sugar and cotton to tertiary level. Each polygon has been attributed with "Year", denoting the time at which the mapping is current at. A map illustrating the currency of land use is available at Some land uses that fall under the minimum mapping unit of 2 ha are not explicitly mapped but aggregated into the surrounding land use classess, for example cropping - sugar and grazing native vegetation, whereby tracks and farm infrastructure, road reserves and drainage lines are included. Intensive livestock data was developed by the DAF Agricultural Land Audit from the Intensive Livestock Environmental Regulation Unit (ILERU) database.

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Copyright Text: Queensland Government - Department of Science, IT and Innovation (2017) and Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (2017)

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