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    Block and sub-block(0)
      Block identification map index(1)
    Mining district(4)
    Mining region(5)
    NW Qld Mineral and Energy Province(6)
    Survey control-mines(7)
    Native Title(8)
      Land subject to Native Title - indication only(9)
    Unavailable land(10)
      Fossicking area(11)
    Constrained land(12)
      Restricted area(13)
      Restricted area 384-urban(14)
      Designated fossicking land(15)
      General permission area(20)
      Miscellaneous notings(16)
      Mining policy decisions(17)
    Collaborative drilling initiative(30)
      CDI round 1(31)
      CDI round 2(32)
      CDI round 3(33)
      CDI round 4(34)
      CDI round 5(35)
      CDI round 6(36)
      CDI round 7(37)
      CDI round 8(38)
      CDI round 9(39)
      CDI round 10(40)
    Collaborative exploration initiative(50)
      CEI round 1(51)
      CEI round 2(52)
      CEI round 3(53)
      CEI round 4(54)
      CEI round 5(55)
      CEI round 6(56)
    Strategic Resources Exploration Program(60)
      External reports and datasets(61)
        Solid geological interpretation of the central eastern fold belt [BRC-SMI](62)
        Solid geological interpretation of the southern eastern fold belt [BRC-SMI](63)
        Hydrogeochemistry of undercover eastern Mount Isa Province [CSIRO](65)
        Mineral chemistry for mineral system geochemical vectoring [CODES](66)
        Cloncurry extension magnetotelluric survey(68)
        Camooweal deep seismic survey(69)
        Central Isa airborne magnetic and radiometric survey(70)
        Cloncurry north airborne magnetic and radiometric survey(71)
        Lawn Hill gravity survey(72)
      Mineral synthesis(73)
        Mafic rocks in the Mount Isa region(74)
        NWMP deposit atlas(75)
        Central Mary Kathleen Domain and Landsborough Graben solid geology interpretation(76)
        Cloncurry mineral systems [CSIRO](77)
        Ernest Henry camp scale study data release(78)
        GSQ reference collection of mineral systems in the NWMP(79)
        Magma fertility concepts in the Mary Kathleen Domain [EGRU](80)
        Mary Kathleen Domain geology(81)
        NWMP data-driven mineral exploration and geological mapping(82)
        Tick Hill gold deposit [EGRU](83)
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